What's the charm of a frameless window that makes you love it?

What's the charm of a frameless window that makes you love it?

What is the charm of the frameless window, so that everyone loves it? The biggest advantage of frameless window is the wide field of vision, good lighting and strong practicability. Frameless Windows also have the following features, after reading I believe you will also fall in love with frameless windows.

1, Frameless window removed the traditional anti-theft window heavy border, all composed of transparent glass, the shape is very beautiful and generous. At a glance, like no window, sitting on the balcony can enjoy the outside scenery, giving people a very spacious and bright feeling.

2, frameless window can be relatively free to choose the window opening position, vents. A gentle push, simple and flexible. With a large area of glass, open face, good light transmittance, not only increase the indoor lighting areas, but also improve the face of the overall building.

3, Frameless window is basically composed of tempered glass, the general thief only break the glass to open the window, and in the process of tapping, the loud sound will make the house owners and neighbors around the neighborhood alert.

4, Frameless window is very good to restore the function of the balcony. It extends the interior space to the maximum extent, whether it is raising flowers and grass, entertainment and leisure, or drinking tea and chatting with family and friends, as long as you want, it has a variety of changing uses. From this point of fact, its practicality is very strong.

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