Balcony Frameless glass window how to install

Balcony Frameless glass window how to install

Balcony Frameless Glass Window installation Method:

First, the window materials and accessories should conform to the enterprise standards.

Second, the damage, deformation of aluminum alloy and accessories should not be assembled or installed on the wall.

Third, the window, the lower beam installation must be firm, it is important to emphasize that the lower beam and the installation of the base surface expansion screw connection must be solid and firm.

Four, box, fan adjacent components Assembly gap and the same plane height difference requirements

Five, pull over the window, by the side of the border should be clamped by the seal strip, so that the window fan and the border does not produce gaps, sealing strip and border on and under uniform tightening, allowing deviation ±2mm.

Six, window fan glass and window fan glass should be clamped seal, so that the window between the fan tight seam, and so that the window fan in the movement, cushioning.

Seven, the window assembly should not prevent the opening and closing of the droop, warping or distorted deformation.

Eight, Window accessories installation location is correct, complete, firm, should play their respective role, with sufficient strength, start growth flexible, no noise, withstand repeated movement of the attachment in the structure should be easy to replace.

Nine, the window frame to set the outlet hole, spacing ≤600mm, not less than (2/each lower beam).

Ten, after Assembly should ensure that the glass

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