Professional stealth glass window features and functions

Professional stealth glass window features and functions

Professional stealth glass windows, also known as frameless balcony windows, because there is no ordinary aluminum window vertical frame, from a little distance to see is not easy to find, so called professional invisible glass windows, this new type of window using high-strength tempered glass, the corresponding hardware accessories linked to large section of aluminum alloy structure made, its new design, so that each window can be moved Can also be 90 degrees ~180 to open the block arrangement, and the entire balcony window can be fully opened according to the needs of the occupants, can also be all closed, fully retain the balcony should have the characteristics and functions.

1, from the appearance, professional stealth glass windows do not have a frame and vertical frame, will not affect the appearance of the façade, and the overall coordination of the House is better.

Second, can not only cover the wind and rain, but also maintain the original design of the developer---view balcony effect, the entire balcony of the glass can be all opened, 100% to achieve full open, really do indoor outdoor, outdoor indoor.

3, scrub convenient, traditional window scrub to reach the window, if it is high-rise will be very dangerous, but also very inconvenient, and frameless balcony window of each glass can be like a door flat open to the interior, and then folded to the wall side, so you can easily clean indoors.

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